Slip and Fall Accidents: Proving Fault

As with any personal injury case, it usually falls on you to prove fault. However, finding the fault in a slip and fall accident isn’t always easy. It’s not enough to slip and fall, but you must prove there was negligence at work that set up the conditions. In order to do that, it helps to understand how negligence can work to create a slip and fall accident.

Who Was the Negligent Party?

Negligence isn’t always about what specific person was at fault. It encompasses several different aspects. In fact, your own actions can fall under the term negligence in many cases.

Consider, for example, if you had a slip and fall in view of a “wet floor” sign at a grocery store. Who is the negligent party in such a situation? You may blame yourself, but negligence goes deeper than that. There are other factors to consider.

Was the sign in the right place?

  • Were you able to clearly see the sign before the slip and fall?
  • Where was the sign in proximity to the wet area?
  • Was the wet floor in a high traffic area?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to these cases. So don’t ever assume you hold all the blame if you receive an injury from a slip and fall accident.

In addition, proving negligence isn’t just about a single person or group. In this example, was the employee who placed the wet sign at fault? Or did the grocery store have a poor policy regarding spills and cleaning them up?

Maybe the grocery store is a part of a larger chain that isn’t adequately overseeing safety training for its stores. In all those cases, negligence goes up the chain.

In the end, proving fault can become tricky. But it’s worth pursuing if you suffer an injury for a slip and fall accident. Don’t try alone. Speak to a professional who can help you figure out which steps you should take.

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