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Each year, more than 30,000 Michigan drivers are arrested for driving under the influence.

Defendants in these cases are often treated unsympathetically, but as with any crime, DUI cases have their fair share of questionable accusations and unfair punishments. Leon Weiss defends the rights of everyone charged with drunk driving. Serving clients throughout Michigan, including in Detroit, Southfield, Flint, etc. we ensure that no defendant lacks the proper support.

By Your Side Throughout Your Case

No matter how strong your case, being charged with drunk driving is a frightening prospect. Consulting an attorney from the beginning is crucial not just to build a strong case, but also for peace of mind. Leon J. Weiss and his team are therefore always available to provide counsel and support. We take your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are happy to visit you at your home, in the hospital, or in jail. Drunk driving cases are never easy, but we can make sure you don’t go through them alone.

Evidence Assessment from Experienced Attorneys

Given how many cases depend on them, you may be surprised at how many problems there are with breathalyzers.

We scrutinize breath test results, checking for:

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowCalibration Concerns

If a breathalyzer is not calibrated properly, it may give off false positives. This can be grounds for throwing out the evidence.

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowOperation Observations

Whether due to obsolescence or broken equipment, the breathalyzer may not have been working properly. If it was defective, we make sure its results are not used in court.

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowTraining Techniques

We check whether the officer who administered the test was properly trained to operate it and interpret its results.

In addition to assessing whether the breathalyzer’s results are reliable, we also investigate the circumstances under which it was administered. An officer cannot stop you without reasonable suspicion, and cannot administer a breathalyzer without probable cause. If we can call either of these factors into doubt, the breath test is considered an illegal search and thus is not acceptable as evidence.

Ensuring Fair Judgments in Michigan

Fairness in criminal justice doesn't just mean preventing the innocent from conviction; it also means ensuring that the guilty are given just punishments. Thus even if your guilt is incontrovertible, we will make sure you receive a reasonable sentence.

This means:

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowReinforcement Of Rights

No matter what you are charged with, you have the right to be treated with respect and dignity by law enforcement and court officials. If your rights are violated at any time before or during your case, we can argue for a reduced sentence.

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowFee Fairness

If you have to pay a fine, we make sure that the amount is reasonable given your income, your financial situation, and the severity of the offense. We also ensure that you are given enough time to pay the fine, and can negotiate a reasonable payment schedule.

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowDriving Privilege Protection

From going to work to seeing your family to having a social life, driving rights are crucial for quality of life in much of Michigan. We thus do everything in our power to prevent your license from being revoked, and if you do lose your driving rights, we fight to reinstate them as soon as possible. We also strive to minimize the time for which you have to use an ignition interlock device.

DUI Lawyer Southfield MI - Michigan Drunk Driving Attorneys - arrowPrison Prudence

Leon Weiss is committed to keeping you out of prison, and if that isn’t possible, to reducing the length of your stay.

What Happens After I Get A DUI In Michigan?

The drunk driving law in Michigan states that it is illegal to drive if your blood tests a 0.08% alcohol concentration or above. This rule applies to drivers over 21 years as the State of Michigan has a lower BAC for drivers under the age of 21 years and the commercial drivers. Read More...

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The Law Offices of Leon Weiss believes that every defendant deserves a fair trial, respectful treatment, and reasonable sentencing. For more information on DUI defense in Michigan, contact us today.