Like Most People Facing a Criminal Charge or Life-Changing Injury, You Probably Have a Lot of Questions

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Criminal Law FAQ's

FAQ - Law Office of Leon Weiss - arrowWhat's the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Misdemeanors are criminal charges where the possible jail penalty is one year or less. This class of offenses includes drunk driving, shoplifting, disturbing the peace and minor in possession of alcohol.

Felonies are more serious crimes where the possible jail penalty is more than one year, all the way up to life in prison. This class of offenses includes drug crimes, sexual assault, robbery, third offense drunk driving and homicide.

FAQ - Law Office of Leon Weiss - arrowWhy is my felony case starting in local district court?

Felony cases begin in the district court where the alleged offense took place. It is here that a preliminary examination occurs, a proceeding where the prosecutor must show enough evidence to the district court judge, that a crime was committed, and that the defendant committed said offense. If the judge finds probable cause as to those two issues, the case is bound over, or transferred to circuit court where felony trials take place. The district judge may dismiss a case after preliminary examination if a finding is made that the prosecutor did not present sufficient evidence to hold the defendant for trial.

FAQ - Law Office of Leon Weiss - arrowCan you guarantee I will not go to jail?

Any criminal defense lawyer who guarantees a particular result is a fool or a liar. I am neither! My only guarantee is one I've given to every client for 41 years: I will give you the best effort in my mind, body and soul to obtain the most positive outcome in your case. I have the experience, competitive fire and work ethic to get the job done.

Personal Injury FAQ's

FAQ - Law Office of Leon Weiss - arrowWhat kind of cases do you handle?

Under the personal injury heading, we handle automobile and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability (including dram shop cases), false arrest and false imprisonment matters, police use of excessive and deadly force, injuries caused by defective products, birth trauma cases, job related injuries and many others.

FAQ - Law Office of Leon Weiss - arrowHow soon after getting injured should we call a lawyer?

IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner! The injured party (or if unable, a friend or family member) should call us right away. The legal process has built in rights and protections for injured parties which must be asserted in a timely manner. So, call us right away and we will make a home or hospital visit in order to begin the process of professional and compassionate legal representation.

FAQ - Law Office of Leon Weiss - arrowWhat if I can't afford to pay a lawyer and I get injured?

Not to worry, because in injury cases we charge a contingency fee, which means the lawyer gets paid if and when the client receives his or her compensation. This type of fee arrangement was devised to give equal access to the civil justice system to injured people, regardless of their financial condition.

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